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Modeling the architectures with EPS.... That unique idea has been realized by human knowledge and technology.
EPS is commonly used for packaging materials, various containers, and trays. EPS is well known as having excellent features, such as lightweight, easy process ability, and good water resistance, thermal conductivity, recycle ability and high cost-performance as well. Due to lack of properties such as mechanical and impact strength, fire resistance, EPS was limited for use in the building section. However, we have created the Docoform, which are revolutionary EPS products by implementing the special membrane.

Decoform can provide the solutions and models featuring higher strength, ageing performance, and unlimited freedom of design with making much use of EPS's lightweight and flexibility properties. Decoform is already applied to from bits of small objects to a broad range of applications such as the interiors, exteriors, three-dimensional objects, and signboards in the general buildings, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and amusement parks.

Decoform has developed new freedom and use on architectural and industrial design, we believe so.

œEvery kind of shape such as curving line, thickness and three dimensions are available.
œ Can be used for both interior and exterior applications with surface finishing (reinforcement) by coating with the hybrid resin (blended urea and polyurethane resins).
œPossible to produce the small lots and various kinds with low cost.
œShorter lead time
œFor the lightweight, it is easy handling, and can reduce the reinforcing materials to fix.
œUsing the flame retardant grade of EPS.

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