Decoform helps you form them to reality; the images architects cherish and dreams building owners bear.
The most delight for us engaged in Mono-dukuri or creating and manufacturing products is when our products gain the recognition and satisfaction from the customers and industry, I think. We are pleased to share the delight with a lot of people through our Decoform.

Our approach with Decoform is to aim at the development, by combining EPS and other materials, of the interior, exterior applications in the general buildings and various three-dimension modeling. The major characteristics are higher freedom of freedom supported by the three-dimension CAD/CAM, and easy installation works and good cost performance. Thus, Docoform can provide the solutions to the difficulties which conventional methods face in terms of costs and technologies. You can refer to our successful achievements in various applications nationwide.

Decoform is in the early days of its launch and a technology still on developing, while having big potential for further growth. We are looking forward to meeting each of your requirements, and then serving you with our Decoform through our continuous R&D, production technology innovation, and applications development.
President: Shunichi Nakamura
President: Shunichi Nakamura
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